Monday, June 29, 2009



The Kenya Federation of Deaf Teacher was found in 2003 by the Deaf who are teachers in Kenya. It was registered in 2006 and has its head office in Kisumu City. It has 8 branches in each province of Kenya. Currently the Federation keeps over 100 Deaf members busy.
The Federation has different membership categories including ordinary association and honoring members.
The Federation focus on the Deaf education to provide means for cooperation among its members and the expression of their collective views and decision affecting the interest of Deaf education and the teaching profession in Kenya, sponsorships for projects e.g. Sign Language workshops for parents of deaf children, Sign Language awareness campaigns to the general public, Sign Language research, career guidance and health education to the Deaf, education in sports and among others.

  • Achievements
1.Deaf awareness raising in the schools for the Deaf
2.Organizing seminars for members and teachers through collaboration with the Global Deaf Connection.
3.Participating in organizations of drama, sports etc for the Deaf in Kenya
4.Providing health education
5.Equality of the Deaf in socio-political and economic matters

  • Problems
Since the Federation is very young it depends on hard working members. Funds, sponsorships and contributions (mainly from members and partnerships with other organizations like the Global Deaf Connection) are needed to be able to carry out the achievements.

  • Requests
The Federation doesn't exist to make profit out of it. We rely on donors and well wishers to enable us carrying out the activities. We therefore appeal to any group or individual to help us in contribution towards any of the activities below:
1.Sign Language awareness raising
2.Health education
3.Sponsoring a project like deaf children sports

  • Plan of Action
  1. Seeking for funds to assist in carrying out of the activities.

  2. Organizing stuff training.

  3. Giving public awareness about KFDT and problems facing Deaf teachers and Deaf in the Country.

  4. Organizing seminars for parents of the Deaf in order to help them understand their children (Teaching KSL, information about Deafness and Deaf education)

If you any questions regarding to this organization please contact us.

Austine Otieno
or through Nele Gabriel
Thank you very much!

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